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I will assume we are through with creating our sms portal,now lets move on to the customizing/designing segment. Let’s assume that the temporary address for our sms portal is Copy that into your browser and “enter” Then it will give us the homepage of our website….something like this below;

This is the OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE of your SMS website! Then login to your account with your SMSLIVE247 login details…for example If your logins details at SMSLIVE247 is;

Password: sms4sure
Then your login details on your website will also be
Password: sms4sure
Hope you get that right? login to your account and you will have a page like this;

Now if you notice that…. Before you login to your account,the “admin”menu at the top right
menu above will never appear,until you login. This “admin”menu will only appear whenever
you login to your account and it will never appear on your customers page even if they
login….because that was the login details you used to set-up the portal and you won’t be able
to edit your sms portal unless you login.
Now click on the “admin” menu….this will take you to the administrative part of your webite
where you can “do and undo” any features available for you there. After clicking on that..this
is what you will have…

You are now in the admin part of your website…you alone can have access to this page…now
click on “costumize” at the top left menu above to start customizing your website.
A new page will appear…the first page that will appear is the general settings page….

This is exactly the same page as the page that appear when you were filling your details at
smslive247..which means you can as well access your admin page by login in at + click on reseller + click on “your storename + click on
“customize this store” ….and you will still have access to the 4(settings above).
But it will be much more easier for you if you do it on your sms portal…so let’s do it again

Now for you to link your register domain..just enter it into the provided box above and click
on link.You must have a previously registered domain name BEFORE you can link it to your
portal so that people visit your sms portal through www.yoursms –
Note that has been linked to this site shown above,that is why the
button above is showing “disconnect” instead of “link now”.this is how it will appear if you
have not linked any domain to it…

So if you want to change your domain name,all you need to do is just disconnect the former
one and type in another one and click on “link now”
Note that after linking your domain,it may take about 12-24 hours before you can now
access your website through that domain….but just make sure you follow the above
instruction on the by changing your domain name server to smslive247 name server so that
they will be able to host your website on their platform..
Enter your registered domain name (without http://) in the box provided. Please note that
you must have set your name-servers to
If you do not understand how to do this please contact support or your domain registrar.
Enter a valid domain name! Domain name is required!
Here is the remaining part of the page which are are all self-explainatory..

After on save and move on to the next page above by clicking on the menu

Copyright text: this will be at the footer of your website like the one below ….

Copyright link: this is the website that the will be taken to if they click on that link…if you
have a company website,you can put a link to the website inside the box.
1st upload box:Your company’s logo
2nd upload box:your homepage pics
3rd upload box: about us page pics
4th upload box: contact us page pics

This is where you edit the colours,pictures ang the display part of your website…as you
change those colours and pictures….this are the parts that are going to be
changing…meanwhile you can still decide to use the default colour that was given unto
you…check the sample description of all the pages and places you will be changing in this
page below…

Note that you can decide to use all their default pictures and colour settings also,you will
never be arrested for doing that,besides…there pictures are beautiful pictures and they
match all the pages very well.But if you want to make it can go on editing the
page to your own taste.

To change the colours..just click on any of the colours…it will bring a palette for you to
choose your colours..something like this

After you are through with the can move on to the next settings which is
the price and payment settings
I know you have been waiting for this particular segment…so let’s move on….
Click on the above menu “price &payment”

Here you are given the power to set your price of sms per quantity..
With the example above 100-999 sms units will be charged for N2.50kobo while 1000-
4999 sms units are charged for N2.40kobo and so on…..
Note that this is just an example,you can even make your sms N10 naira per I
said,you have all the power!!
If you want your price to also be displayed in dollars and euro…you can tick the boxes and
set the corresponding prices…for example if $1=N150…then put 150 into the exchange

Enter your account details and leave the the instruction above,once they make their
payment with the email they use to register as the bank depositors name,all you need is
just credit their email.We are coming to that very soon.
Click on save to save your settings and move on to the Advance settings above…

Global Message: This message displays at every top of your page
Sender ID: This is the name that shows as the sender anytime you send a message to your
customers e.g the sender ID of MTN NIGERIA on your phone is “MTN”…So when you see a
message on your phone with the sender”MTN”….then you know it is from mtn
Nigeria… uses “QUICKSMS” as the sender ID.
Administrators: This is where you choose the administrator of your sms portal if you want
to choose additional admin…but I will advice you to leave those places empty,be the only one
to manage your portal.

Give Free sms: This is where you decide if you will like to give new customers free sms
units upon their registration…if you don’t want to,type “0” or empty the space..
Free sms prefix: This is the message that will tell them about the free sms before getting
Free sms suffix: This is the message they will get after they have been given the free can leave it blank if you are not giving any free sms.
Send mail to: To receive email notification alert on any transaction made on your website.
Send text to: To receive sms notification alert on any transaction made on your website.
Click on “save”…..we are through with that…..
Congratulations…your sms portal is now set for business…I will advice you to start promoting
your sms website now
The next thing to do now is to view other pages on the website which will be useful for you
like the members page,order page and so on…so let’s ride on
click on the menu above tagged “members”

This is the members page,this is the registered members as at the few weeks this site was
In this page you can resend welcome mail, send them their balance or even delete a member
you don’t want again..but I know that last one will be impossible because it’s the same as
sending money away..”I don’t want money anymore”….just tick the member you want to
perform the task on and select the right menu.
Let’s move on to the next which is the “voucher”

This is the page you can view and create vouchers for your clients to load…you can create
the voucher with the depositors teller number,so once they load the voucher…their sms
account will be credited. You can as well delete an existing or expired voucher.
The next page is the page that will involve creating orders and viewing orders……

To create a new order…just click on “create new order”
After a client must have paid for the order,lets say for example a client who registered with
the email address pays for 1000 sms units which is charged as N3
naira per sms that is N3x1000 sms=N3000…this is how the order will be created below……

After you might have entered all the necessary details,click on the button “validate” below
the page…
The sms will be creadited and the client will receive sms and email notification on his phone
and email address notifying of the transaction.
Let’s see another page which is the “support “ click on the menu “support”…..

This is where you view all the support tickets. These are requests and questions from your
clients which you will have to attend to..
Remember that except you get this guide free or illegal,you are entitled to 3 hot bonus for
package for purchasing this guide….

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Alright !! we have come to the end of this guide…I hope you get the stages clear?
The steps there are just simple that except you have not open an email or facebook
accout before or visit the nearest cybercafé…..then you will need a special computer training.

If you are confuse about any of the steps…you have the opportunity to go back and do
a recap on it..
Am not charging you for that!!
If you have any question regarding this guide….forward all your complains to the author on 234-70-30722911


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