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Importance of computers

Importance of computers

Computers are just one example of automation although they have many special features. Today, society relies heavily on computers for information requirement/exchange. They are employed in organizations due to their speed in processing, storing and retrieving data. The world also has been knitted together as a single global village due to the presence of computer network facilities, which allows the distribution of information and works. The importance of computer systems discussed below based on use:

Storage: the computer is used to store data and information which can be retrieved or accessed any time. This is because it has a storage unit where information is stored until needed for further use.


The computer can be used a s a source of communication in sending and/or receiving messages or information. A network is form of communication that involves the connection of two or more computers on a single room, same site, and separate site/towns/countries. This is possible connected to the internet (internationals network of computers), which provides electronic mail (e.mail) facilities, the user will be able to send, as well as receive messages. This is possible by obtaining an e-mail account so that the user will be able to open his/her mailbox to access/read letters from any computer that is connected to the net. The internet also allows the user to search/browse for information.

Speed and accuracy:
Computers are very fast and accurate in processing and correcting data errors that arises. For example documents can be easily created and multiple copies printed out. Also errors can be easily detected in form of spellings or grammar, which can be corrected with speed and efficiency.


The use of computers has enabled special visual effects to be created that are used in the movie and music industries. The use of a multi-media computer system has advanced features that enable the computer to produce sound and visual. It has external speakers connected to it and other related internal components e.g. sound Cards.


The computer system plays a major role in education. There are educational software programs that are written to guide the users. An example is the Tutorial program designed for beginners on the basic ideas of a computer system. Browsing the internet also provides useful information on various topics of life, which the user can study to enhance his/her knowledge. Most application programs also have help topic, which provides useful hints on how to execute a task.



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