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How to secure your dream job - Find a Job

Unveiled secrete of how to secure dreamed job in 30 days - Guaranteed. Category: E-Books Price:#3000 Description: Are you seek and tired of being unemployed? Do you think it’s not possible to secure that your long time desired job within 30 days? Then grab this book without further delay What i am about to unveil to you is not exclusively for graduates with certificate alone, It also work’s for non graduates that has no certificate or special skills. The secrete I’m talking about is not magic or abracadabra, it’s a simple logic that has put great smile on the face of your fellow job seekers, just do what you are told to do and see the clear manifestation within 30 days.We has so far recorded about 115 success stories/testimonies within 3 months of publication and you might be the next to testify.You don’t have any reason to panic yet because your dream job is still available in the labor market all you need is the right information at the right time, this is your chance don’t miss out .You are under no obligation to buy this piece of information but it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t let go. Call +2347030722911

How to Unlock Glo FreeData Bundle & Browse Free

Over the years, network providers in Nigeria has been going through competitions and this has been unveiling different packages from these network providers. Etisalat offers it Easy Cliq subscriber free 15MB of data every single week for recharging just N200, MTN honors it Funlink subscribers 3MB of free data every night. However, just of recent, I discovered Globacom also offers it subscribers free data bundle which has not been made public for long, so I decided to share it with my blog readers. How to Browse Free on Glo Globacom Nigeria gives it subscribers 25MB of free data for every recharge of N500. So, if you recharge with N500 denomination, you will get the free 25MB data to browse free of charge. You must recharge with N500, N1,000, N3,000 or N5,000 recharge denominations to qualify for this bonus. Because if you recharge with N200, N200 and N100 to make up N500, you will not get the bonus. Every recharge of N500 will gives you 25MB. That means, if you recharge N1,000, you will get 50MB free data bundle. 1. Recharge your glo SIM with N500 recharge card 2. Then get a writing material you can write on 3. Dial 124 and when asked for account balance, press 1 and listen to your account balance. You can also dial 1241 straight up and listen to your account balance. 4. After your main and SMS account balance have been said, then the next thing should be your free data bundle balance, write it down because it will be said in Kilobytes. 5. Then convert the Kilobytes into Megabytes. For example, 25,000kb will be 25MB. If you have been using a glo SIM before now, you might already have some free data bundles. Dial 1241 to listen to your account balance. How to Make Use of Your Glo Free Data Bundles After getting yourself some free data bundles, you should follow these settings so as to make it work. Enter the following as follows: Access Point (APN): glosecure Username: wap Password: wap Homepage: http:// You can use this free data bundle on your mobile phone and PC (using a USB Modem or your phone as a modem). To check your data bundle balance , dial 1241 again to listen to your data account balance. I have been using this free offer for about 2 months now, so enjoy this while it last. If you like this post, click on the Facebook Like icon and Twitter icon to share with friends.

How to Apply for GTBank Internet Banking & Shop Online

If you want to experience and enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online and banking from the comfort of your home, at work or abroad, then you should consider Internet Banking. I have been using Internet Banking in Nigeria specifically from Guaranty Trust Bank Plc for about 2 years now and I can say it is the best. If you observed very well, you will noticed I like writing about GTBank, well that is because I use their services and I know much a lot about them. By the way, in the coming weeks, I will be talking about other banks in Nigeria and their Internet Banking products. GTBank Internet Banking, according to, launches you into a world without limits. It is a robust channel designed with the state-of –the-art technology that gives you unlimited access to your accounts and allows you conveniently perform over 90% of your bank transactions online real-time. That means if you can perform over 90% of bank transaction, you wouldn’t have the cause to ‘visit’ bank again. As for me, I can barely remember the last time I visited bank last. I checked my balance online, transfer funds to friends and family online, print out my statement and almost every other things I can do in the banking hall. Why Should I Go for Internet Banking? Easy access to your account (s) from anywhere in the world. Online real-time account monitoring facility. Convenience of conducting banking transactions from comfort of home/office. Guaranteed security for all your online transactions. Easy Access to bank information and products. Effective, cheaper and easier way for our customers to communicate with banks. Allows 24/7 access to account. What Can I Do with Internet Banking? Check your balance, monitor transactions and print your account statement. Pay utility bills, transfer funds between your accounts and to other beneficiaries. Request, confirm and stop cheques. Pay for your US Visa fee Book flight tickets on the following Airlines (British Airways, Alitalia Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Aviareps- Afriqiyah Airways) Transfer foreign currencies (Dollars, pounds, Euro) from your domiciliary account to anyone in the world Change password and update your personal details. How to Apply for Your GTBank Internet Banking 1. Go to any branch of GTBank to request and fill the Internet Banking Form or alternatively if you hate going to banks, you can complete the Internet Banking Application and Token Request Form online. Click here to download the form. 2. You can then scan and email the completed form to or submit it at any Guaranty trust Bank branch. 3. Then the next thing is to contact GTConnect (GTB Contact Center) to obtain your log-in details (Username and Password) 4. After you must have gotten your login details, you can then logon to https:// login.aspx and enter your Username and Password (given to you by GTB) 5. Inside your account, you can see your Account Balance and other things. GTBank Internet Banking Interface However, to be able to transfer funds or make payment online or shop online, you will need to get a device called Token. Token will provide you with more security and generate Activation Codes with it. GTBank Token Device - Image Credit: MakeMoneyOnlineNG If you are still experiencing problems in the use of this service or would like further information about GTBank online banking, you can email your queries or request to internetbanking@gtba or dial GTB contact centre on 0700 GTCONNECT (0700 482666328) 01-4480000, 08029002900, 08039003900 and follow the voice prompt or press 2 and 0 to speak to an Agent. So if you are banking with GTB (or wanted to) and you have not taken the advantage to benefit from GTBank Internet Banking in Nigeria, you better do because it will also help in the current Cash-Less Policy instructed by the CBN to be implemented by all the banks in Nigeria. And if you do not bank with GTB, you can consult your bank for their Internet Banking products and services.

How to Ping, Send FreeUnlimited SMS and MMSwith WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger (Whats Application Software) is a mobile messaging application that allows you to send SMS and MMS without paying for it. This do not only work for Nigerians, it works in any country and with any networks all over the world. You can use this software to send SMS and MMS to other countries as well. All you need to do is, install WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile device and you are good to go. Although, to make it work you must have Internet connection. So, if you have Internet data plan that you use, maybe for your Blackberry (BIS), iPhone or Nokia devices, you can still make use of Whatsapp to send messages at no cost to you. This can also serve as a way of pinging with Nokia phones because with WhatsApp, you can chat with other WhatsApp users free of charge. Below are different WhatsApp Messenger software for different type of mobile devices such as Blackberry, Nokia phones, iPhone and Android and other Symbian Operating Systems. WhatsApp for Nokia Devices WhatsApp works on Nokia phones such as Nokia 3rd edition, 5th edition and other Symbians Whatsapp Nokia Supported device lists: Symbian^3: N8 · C6 · C7 · E7 S60 5th edition: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic · Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition · Nokia 5530 XpressMusic · Nokia 5230 · Nokia 5233 · Nokia N97 · Nokia N97 mini · Nokia X6 · Nokia C6 · Samsung i8910 Omnia HD · Sony Ericsson Satio · Sony Ericsson Vivaz · Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro · Nokia N8 S60 3rd edition: LG KS10 · LG KT610 · LG KT615 · Nokia 5700 XpressMusic · Nokia 6110 Navigator · Nokia 6120 Classic · Nokia 6121 Classic · Nokia 6124 classic · Nokia 6290 · Nokia E51 · Nokia E63 · Nokia E66 · Nokia E71 · Nokia E90 Communicator · Nokia N76 · Nokia N81 · Nokia N81 8GB · Nokia N82 · Nokia N95 · Nokia N95 8GB · Samsung SGH-G810 · Samsung SGH-i400 · Samsung SGH- i408 · Samsung SGH-i450 · Samsung SGH-i458 · Samsung SGH-i520 · Samsung SGH-i550 · Samsung SGH-i550w · Samsung SGH- i560 · Samsung SGH-i568 · Nokia 5320 XpressMusic · Nokia 5630 XpressMusic · Nokia 5730 XpressMusic · Nokia 6210 Navigator · Nokia 6220 Classic · Nokia 6650 fold · Nokia 6710 Navigator · Nokia 6720 Classic · Nokia 6730 Classic · Nokia 6760 Slide · Nokia 6790 Surge · Nokia C5 · Nokia E52 · Nokia E55 · Nokia E71x · Nokia E72 · Nokia E75 · Nokia E5 · Nokia N78 · Nokia N79 · Nokia N85 · Nokia N86 8MP · Nokia N96 · Samsung GT- i8510 · Samsung GT-I7110 · Samsung SGH- L870 These ovi Nokia phones listed above, are the ones currently supported by whatsapp Messenger Click Here to Download Whatsapp Nokia Software Whatsapp For Blackberry Devices With WhatsApp on your Blackberry phone, you can also send free SMS and MMS to other users of WhatsApp. Click Here to Download Whatsapp Blackberry Software or you can also download the Whatsapp Messenger Blackberry software from Blackberry Application World. Whatsapp For Android Devices Whatsapp Messenger currently support all iPhone devices no matter how old or new, as long they are running iPhone OS 3.1 and up. but Whatsapp Messenger. Click Here to Download whatsapp for iPhone software

Send Cheap BulkSMS in Nigeria with Customized Sender Name. Click Here Now!

"If Building and Designing a WordPress Blog or Website is a pain in the as* for you, worry no more. I can take you by hand through the whole process..." Within few days, you can bring up a blog or website using WordPress! Isn’t WordPress a program for creating Blogs? Yes it is, but did you know that it can be used to create great looking websites too? I have developed a simple guide that will teach you how to build a WordPress website within days, with no programming skills! One thing I hate doing is doing simple things the hard way. There are various reasons you need to know WordPress... If you really want to know how to make money from just knowing WordPress, or if you need WordPress, or you want to start building a WordPress Blog or Website like a pro?.

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Send Cheap BulkSMS inNigeria with CustomizedSender Name. Click HereNow!

Messaging can transform the wayMessaging can transform the way business communicate with customers, suppliers and colleauges. Student groups can easily communicate important information quickly as well as reminders. Religious bodies can communicate more personally with its members and share spiritual thoughts daily. What would you like to do? Quickly jump to a desired topic! Developer News We've made it quick and easy for developers to integrate your web site or software with our global messaging gateway! With a few simple steps, you can make your projects send any message in any format worldwide! Frequently Asked Questions Help! I can't Login! How / Where can I buy SMS credits? Pricing and payment information Do you have a FREE sms software Call +2347030722911 for more information to send FREE and PAID sms NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

How to Send Free SMS viaYour Gmail Account

There is a new feature on Gmail and it’s Free SMS. This feature allows you to send free SMS or text message to your contact’s mobile number without extra charge to you. This is totally free but the downside is that your recipient must be in your contact list. Aside this, the feature is powerful and it works in Nigeria too. At the moment, Gmail will give you 50 SMS Credit. 1 Credit represent 1 sent SMS. You can only send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail Chat. So in order to use this feature you have to enable the SMS (text messaging) in Chat lab. But most times, if you are among the selected countries, this feature must have been activated automatically for you. How to Enable SMS in Chat Lab 1. After logging into your Gmail account from a PC, by the left you will see Chat. 2. Point your pointer to it and it will bring up a small arrow (Options), click on this arrow. 3. You will see a list of option, select Chat settings. 4. On the following page, click the Labs tab. 5. Under the Enabled Labs settings, tick Enable. You must do the above settings before you can use the free SMS features. This will allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS) in Gmail Chat. How to Send Free Text Message from Gmail 1. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat 2. Select Send SMS from the box of options that appears to the right of your contact’s name. Or, if you already have a Chat window open for this contact, just click Options, and select Send SMS. 3. In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ field. 4. Click Save 5. Then a Chat window will appear. Just type your message as you would normally. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered. You can change the contact’s phone number anything you wish from the chat box. If your contact replies, the text message response will appear as a reply in Chat. These conversations are stored in your Chat history just like regular chats. Below is a screenshot from my phone after I have sent the above message to my number. It takes about 4 seconds for the message to get delivered to my phone. Before you go on to use this free SMS feature from Gmail, you should check if your country is eligible to use this service. I know this is available to Nigeria but not all networks. The Nigerian networks that support free Gmail SMS are; Glo, MTN, Airtel, Starcomms and Visafone. If you are not from Nigeria, you can check the list of supported countries here.

Free Internet Browsing In Nigeria

My fellow Nigerians, I think It is high time to wake up from our slumber. I believe it is not everything that our government is causing, because I belive that majority of what has been affecting us are duely to the fact of our ignorance to somethings we do and we do not considered real. And as a white man would have it say that ignorance is a disease which doctor can not cure, and some others do also says if someone wanted to kill africans, he or she should try to keep an information from him and put it inside a book, they said the african man will be able to read it, because of his ignorance. Of which this makes me to believe that we are the cause and the major cause of our poverty. I believe in the attitude of concentrating on what you know, and what to do to earn your living. As per our ISP's like Multilinks, Starcomms, Intercellular, Reltel and others which came to Nigerian market to invest into our economy and they all started to began eatting all of our money any how through their networking whatever even the so popular MTN, Celtel, Glomobile and MTEL also came like friend to offer us what they know themselves that it ought to be free, but of which they are charging extensively on it. But Thank Heavens here comes the solution to that Now. Yes, In Nigeria! YOU CAN NOW BROWSE AND SURF THE WEB FOR FREE and it is for life time as far as the Nigeria network is concern. Maybe you have notice in some part of Lagos where you can go with your laptops or PC pocket phone and use it to browse for free. An for those of us who lived in Lagos like Ogba, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Surulere e.t.c and every part of Nigeria, browsing is free with your Laptop that has WiFi or Wimax, Now since you can browse for free with your WiFi or Wimax Laptop and PC pocket phone, that shows and should be able to tell you that Internet is free, and so in as much as ATM connectivity is still on nigeria and other Internet facilities are still into place, then you can browse for free. But that is that for WiFi and Wimax. This one I'm about to share with you is a different plan entirely, even it is very common, but if you use it in the normal way, your money may be deducted if you don't follow the procedures to make it free of which I have a solution for. So all you need to browse for free is this, you may have either a browseable TV satellite decoder, A WAP/GPRS enable phone, or your Normal Nitel Landline, or if you are doded type type just like me, you may also browse for free with any of your CDMA phones. With all these you can browse for free and access the web at your convinience 24/7. No sharkpod needed for this and also no need of GPRS PCMCIA card, so all you need depends on what you have on ground to make use of it. You can therefore request for my ebook on how to browse for free and also how to make International calls for free with unlimited access and earns millions with it for just N25,000 Call +2347030722911 for payment details NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

New Jobs in Nigerian Companies

New job vacancies in Nigeria has been published on Latest Jobs Available Academic Staff Positions at Elizade UniversitySpecialization:Education Services Jobs   Location(s):Ondo Click Here to apply Administrative Assistant at American Hospital


Having the right information at the right time is very important in securing a job. Lack of information about available job vacancies is one of the major reasons why many graduates fail to get jobs. Another reason is not being able to present their resumes to employers due to their location. The internet has made information very easily accessible. Smart job seekers now use the internet to search and apply for jobs. In this page, we will provide information on how the internet is used as a job search tool. Examples will be specific to Nigeria. Jobs listing sites career page of organisation One place to start your job search campaign on the internet is to visit the website of employers. If you have some companies in mind, visit their websites and look for their career or job vacancy page. This page will usually contain a form that will enable you to upload your CV to the company’s database. Some will have a form that will allow you enter your details. You will have to create an account by creating a username and password. This account will make it easy for you to update your account in the future. Some company’s career page has systems that can alert you when there is a job vacancy that matches your resume so that you can apply. Organisations like MTN, Total, and Zain (formally Celtel) have such features on their career page. If you submit your CV at a company’s career page, they will invite you whenever there is a job vacancy for you. However, with the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, this option is not very effective in Nigeria except for an obscure company. This is because thousands of job seekers submit their CVs just like you. Our advice is that you should submit your CV online only to organisations with the job alert feature on their career page. This is because you will be alerted automatically when there is a job vacancy to be filled and hence the company is ready to attend to all applications. Note that for the job alert feature to work very well, you need to properly present yourself using your resume. Note that the whole system is automated (i.e. handled by computers garbage in garbage out) so make sure you put a lot of thought into it. If you do not describe yourself well you may be invited to apply for job vacancies that you are not qualified for. On the other hand not describing yourself well may lead to your not being invited for a job you are qualified for. The alert feature is automatically deactivated if you do not update your CV for a while. So make sure you update your CV at least once in three months. If you submit your CV to a company without the job alert feature you are only trying your luck and we wish you all the best. Off course with more people following our guideline your chances of success will increase. Here are the career pages of some companies in Nigeria: Careers at Celtel MTN Career BAT career Starcomms job vacancy page Union Bank Career page For more Career pages visit our Career page list Add more, use our comment link

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Top 10 Online Jobs for Nigeria

Here are 10 online jobs that I think that any educated Nigerian can always find one to excel in. I believe that the Nigerian education system even with all its downsides gives Nigerians competitive advantage in these areas. Virtual Assistant: the job of a virtual assistant involves making/answering calls, helpdesk, research, handling email, etc. Virtual assistant jobs require good spoken and written English and since English is our Lingua Franca, Educated Nigerians should not have a problem here. This online job also require good office etiquette and other skills that will be required by a secretary Translation: Studying in Nigeria means you are supposed to be good in English. Some Nigerians in the North are also good in Arabic. Translating other languages to English are the most popular translation jobs on online work sites. Some of the popular languages include German, Chinese, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, etc. So, all you need is one or two more other languages and you are good to go. Writing: there are lots of writing jobs at online work sites. These include blog writing, speech writing, article writing, Technical writing, Report writing etc. As a Nigerian passing through the education system, you must have been writing articles from primary school. An article is an article. You have been writing for marks in school now you can write for money. Research Assistant: This involves assisting your employer with research. The research will normally be done online through a search engine like Google. Research jobs will require you to document your finding via a Word processor or spreadsheet. So proficiency in such software may also be required in research jobs. Customer Service Reps: The job of a customer service rep is similar to that of a virtual assistant although CSRs focus more on answering calls and emails from customers of their employer. If you speak good English, this job may be okay for you. Data Entry Experts: Data entry jobs usually require proficiency in Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet or Database software. Your job as a data entry expert is to organise or complete data. For example, you might be given a list of companies on an Excel spreadsheet and told to find their phone numbers and enter them into an excel document. You can browse the internet to the website of the companies capture the data and enter them on the spreadsheet. Graphics Designers: graphic designers are wanted online to design logos, animations, and other graphic work. Flash and Photoshop skills are in hot demand at online work sites. Accounting: Yes accounting jobs are available online. Businesses are looking for accountants online. So, you can put that ICAN and ANAN to work at online work sites AutoCad: Most Nigerian graduate in architecture or civil Engineering are supposed to know AutoCAD. So, if you are one of them you can also put that knowledge to good use. Microsoft Experts: The Nigerian Education system is Microsoft all the way. So, if you study or live in Nigeria and own a computer you are likely to have some level of Microsoft skills. All you need is to sharpen your skills level and you could be getting online jobs that tap those skills Note that these are not the only online jobs that Nigerians can excel in. I just had to make a list of 10 online jobs that I think Nigerians should be competitive at. Your list might be different from mine. You must not choose from the list, browse through any of the top online work sites and select your dream online jobs. So what do you think? Are there other online jobs you think should be on the top 10? Which ones do you think should be dropped? Share with me in the comment box. Jobs & Work Articles

Tip #5 - Simple blog trick to reduce your spam

Are you tired of getting more and more spam each day? I am too. Did you know that your blog might be the reason for this?   Yes, unfortunately it's true.   Spammers have sophisticated software that crawl all over the internet and harvest email addresses. That means if you currently list your email address on your blog, you are actually HELPING these spammers! It's really sad because bloggers like you, list their email address so their visitors or customers can contact them yet they have no idea why their spam increases. Now you know and I have a solution for you. Spammer software may be able to harvest your email address if it's text, but what if it's an image instead? I wrote this really great article on how you can easily do this for your own blog! To Your Blogging Success NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

A couple very useful blogging resources

When it comes to learning about blogging, I have always gotten my information from the web. It's free, abundant, and easy to obtain as long as you have a computer and internet access. There are several respective blogger out there who know what it takes to being successful.   One such blogger is John Chow who makes $40,000+ a month (yes, a month) from his blog! That's a place you and I both would like to be someday but it's not going to happen overnight.   For starters, I highly recommend subscribing to his rss feed or at least visiting his site. The free content and blog posts he provides will give you some exceptional insight into his success which can be applied to your blog too. I also wanted to give you another great resource for blogging. It's a brand new book called " Google Blogger For Dummies" by Susan Gunelius. The book contains a ton of great information for those who use Google Blogger and is a handy reference guide to have at your side.   To top it off, my site, eBlog Templates is actually featured in it on page 110! Now that's the real reason I recommend the book. j/k :-) Honestly, it's a book well worth having on your desk so go read the Amazon reviews and see what others have to say about it. Now go get a copy for yourself.   To Your Blogging Success NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

Incredible new apps in the Wibiya App Marketplace

The Wibiya App Marketplace is already hot, but it just got hotter with these incredible new apps!   Pinterest Pinterest enthusiasts are going to love this one! The all new Pin It app enables users to share all the beautiful images from your site by pinning them on Pinterest in a single click. As more people start pinning your content, you'll receive more traffic from Pinterest – and judging by Pinterest's growing popularity, that could mean a LOT of traffic. SoundCloud Get ready to get your biggest fans groovin’ to your hottest sounds while they’re browsing your site! The SoundCloud player app, built into the Wibiya Bar, automatically imports and plays your sets and tracks directly from the Wibiya Bar, and lets fans share your music via a variety of social tools within the app. vCita Gain more leads from your website and convert site visitors into clients! With the vCita app on your Wibiya Bar, your site visitors can easily schedule video, phone, or face-to-face meetings with you directly from your website or blog.   Get Ready to Join the Wibiya Race to the Billion! More than 300,000 Wibiyans have been engaging their millions of users via the Wibiya Bar on their websites or blogs. So it's no surprise we're getting close to reaching the billionth engagement. We want to celebrate this impressive milestone with you! We'll soon be announcing the Wibiya Race to the Billion, so stayed tuned for more details on how you can join the contest and win a really cool prize! In the meantime, keep your eyes on the counter to see how close we are to reaching a billion!

HTC unlock for free

I delete old thread referring to universal HTC, now I want to share my collection of unlocking software for HTC windows mobile based smart phones. Here is a most complete thread with an archive containing unlocking software for: HTC Hermes HTC Trinity HTC Universal HTC Wizard SPV XDA It should unlock almost all smart phones, try and post result Rapidshare link: RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting Mirror link: HTC_free_unlock.rar « File details « GSM


Computer viruses have come to stay and there’s nothing we can do about that. However it is extremely important to know how they are transmitted if we want to prevent them.
-These days, most of the viruses spread due to receiving spam e-mail messages that contains viruses. When a an unsuspecting user opens such an infected message, the virus is also loaded into the computer memory. Many other program files become infected with the virus and become corrupt and useless. Some viruses even trigger automated messages. Do not open spam mails at all. Open only e-mails from known and trusted senders.
-The internet and local area networks also serve as a breeding ground for viruses. When you download executable files from the internet, shared online disc and other unmonitored file sharing sites, your computer can get infected. In most cases, free PHP or ASP scripts are the main source of virus, always get these scripts from reliable sources. If a computer is infected with a virus in

Using your Flash Drive as RAM to Speed Up your Computer

how to use your usb flash drive as RAMWhile most people know this, a great deal of Windows users do not know that the ReadyBoost feature in Windows can make you utilize your flash drive as randon access memory (RAM) to speed up your computer. ReadyBoost allows you to use a USB drive to help cache memory. This helps improve the amount of physical memory available and increases the productivity of the hard drive installed in a system. For those with low RAM installed on their computer, ReadyBoost can make a big difference in some situations in how it performs. When I need to run programs that takes lots of system resources, ReadyBoost comes in handy.
How to Use ReadyBoost to Make Windows 7 Run Faster
To use your flash drive as RAM, it is recommened that the pen drive has a disk space of about 2GB but a 1GB flash drive too can still perform to some extent though it might be that effective. Microsoft recommends the amount of flash memory for ReadyBoost acceleration be one to three times the amount of random access

2go tips and tricks: Free 2go browsing cheat code for march/april/may 2012

This is another latest 2go free browsing cheats and downloading tweaks for march 2012.
It's really fast and you can share unlimited files using this 2go cheat code, it's the latest 2go free browsing cheats and it's simply hot!.

This is the latest 2go free browsing cheat code and latest 2go free browsing tweaks for march 2012.
You can now browse with your 2go for free using this GLO cheat code below.

Before this tweak can work effectively, you must create a new Prov File Settings with the IP, PORT and APN (Access Point) given below and then activate it with your 2go.
This is simple, just create a prov file with the tweaks given below and activate it as your personal configuration

February/march/april/may 2012: Glo free browsing cheats for pc, laptops and desktop.

This is great, because cheats keep rolling it, and this's it, this is the latest glo free browsing and downloading tweaks for pc, laptop users, this glo free browsing cheats works without software.
Use this ip address.
glosecure or glowap

How to Backup your Android Phone Before Upgrading, Installing Custom ROMs/Kernels.

Backing Up your data/files is very crucial. Lets say you want to install an unofficial, custom ROM, you need to backup your files and data in case the ROM is incompatible with your phone. In such a case, you need to just reset your phone to factory settings and restore your files & data back. Also when upgrading / updating your firmware, automatically you will lose all the data & files on your mobile so backing your data & files up is the most sensible thing to do before anything goes wrong. There are several things to back up: phone book, music, movies, installed applications, text messages and others. There’s no one-touch procedure to do this and you have to follow the steps below to be sure you won’t lose a thing.
The procedures are:-
1) Backup your data first in your mobile SD card
Various applications are available in the Android market which help backup the data in your Micro SD card of your mobile phone.
* In order to backup messages you have to use an app named as ‘SMS Backup and Restore app’.

Mtn free browsing cheat for April 2012 - start browsing free with your phone!

Well, Start rocking with your mtn line! Mtn is going under very very soon and soon enough you will be the one to choose which tweak you want to use, either downloading cheats or ordinary free browsing cheat, either fast cheat or slow. Lets rock with this mtn latest free browsing code on our mobile phone
Mtn free browsing cheat for April 2012- start browsing free with your phone!

Mtn Latest Free browsing cheat for opera mini

PC 2012 Free INTERNET Browsing on Glo Nigeria with Proximitron

I actually saw this on our web forum over a month ago and I’ve been using it ever since. Proximitron works with Glo Nigeria totally free with the glosecure access point. The previous post I made on using Your Freedom client software with glo still works but I decided to share this with you as well. There’s no special configuration needed, you only need to download the privoxy below. It comes with customized settings so you won’t need to do anything at all.

Download Proximitron for

Glo latest free browsing cheat for march and april 2012

Glo latest free browsing cheat for march 2012 Though most of the freebrowsing tweak shared here are still rocking and browsing free, i just want to update a twist glo free browsing cheat for everyone and anyone who need the latest glo cheat to start browsing and downloading free create a profile/prov as the case may be with the settings below. Apn: glosecure IP: PORT: 80 after creating your profile, if you are using symbian phone, or prov file if you are zur s40 phone, then find a mod operamini 5.x.. And download it... You can download operamini at then insert these tweak as as shown below. Custom http server: custom socket server: socket:// then scroll all the way down to host and put this in.. Host: You are done! Start browsing free with your glo cheat on your mobile phone. Please support us by sharing this on your facebook wall. Use the twitter and facebook button.. Here at we always bring the best and only the best. Enjoy. Do you know you can get free recharge card and start making free calls with your phone? Check it out here... NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

Tutorial: How to Rank higher in Google search

So did you get Google Analytics installed on your blog? It can be very addicting don't you think? I log in at least once a day and check my website traffic hoping I beat my old visitor daily record. hehe... Anyhow, today let's talk about how to optimize your blog for search engines. Having a blog means that most of your traffic will come from people searching Google/Yahoo for something and finding you. The only problem is if you aren't in the top 5 results, you might as well not exist! It's true. For example, how often do you click on the first 1-3 results when you do a search? Almost all the time right? Why? Because the most relevant results come first. Guess what? Google Blogger by default is not setup to rank well in search results! It's surprising especially since Blogger is owned by Google. So how can you get your blog to rank higher? Luckily I've written an article on just this subject so I invite you to check out the "Improve Your Google Rankings in One Easy Step" article. Trust me, after you make this simple tweak, you'll start seeing an increase in search traffic! To Your Blogging Success

Using AdSense to monetize your blog

Did you know that the #1 way people make money with their blog is by using Google Adsense? The reason is because it's very easy to setup and you get paid each time someone clicks on your ad! You've probably seen ads on blogs that say something like "Ads by Google" which is exactly what I'm talking about here. The really cool part about AdSense is that it delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your blog and your site content. You don't need to do anything special and since the ads are so targeted to your visitors, chances of them clicking your ads is much higher. Ok, enough talk about how cool Google AdSense is. Let's get it setup on your blog so you can start making a few bucks! This YouTube video I found online gives you a simple walk-thru on how to setup AdSense on your Blogger blog. You'll need to setup an AdSense account first so I recommend you do this before watching the video. The nice thing about Blogger is how easy it is to create ads on your blog using widgets/gadgets. Here is the video I was telling you about on how you can do this yourself. One more thing before you go. Never ever ever click on your own blog ads because Google is smart enough to know that it's you. If you do this and get caught, you'll have your AdSense account suspended which means no more ad revenue for you. Not worth it. Other than that, good luck as you are on your way to making some money with you blog! To Your Blogging Success

HAWAEI MODEM CODE UNLOCK - Learn and do it yourself

Huawei Modem Unlock by Code – Do it yourself free. Sergeymkl and fr3nsis reversed the Heawei firmware finally found a way to calculate the factory code from IMEI. Thanks for them for their hard work. So now, you can get the factory code for Huawei or Vodafone 3G modem, absolutely free by online code calculator just with the IMEI of your modem. Supported Models – Huawei E156, E155, E1550, E1552, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170,E172 E176, E1762, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630 E630+, E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G Vodafone Models K2540, K3515, K3520, K3565, K3520, K3565 How to: Calculate unlock and flash codes via online calculator, we have uploaded one here To enter code in USB 3G Modem, just follow these instructions : Method 1 (little bit hard, something techie skip this if you want an easy way): 1) open Hyperterminal 2) you must set com port on modem (Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G Modem) 3) type following command : AT^CARDLOCK=”” 4) Validate by pressing Enter. Method 2: you can use this software who do the same job easier : Screenshot of Card Unlock software tool Data card unlocker is a simple programe to write unlock codes to Huawei USB Modems. I personally prefer this tool for it’s simple interface. Size : 26KB Tested and suggesting for simple use Modem will be unlocked instantly. Any feedback or error report can be sent via comment. If you have trouble unlocking / calculating code visit following thread and post about trouble you’re getting, one of the forum members or our team may help to resolve it. Please stick to the topic.,6.0.html Latest Huawei modems comes with customized firmware, therefore need to be flashed to unlock. Do not try if code unlock fails one time.If you think you can do some dirty technical experiment on your modem, post your model number and firmware version. Some one will help you to find the correct method and firmware file.

How to Unlock Huawei USB Modem For Free

It’s not difficult to look for unlocking service for Huawei USB 3G modem online. Most of the time however, these unlocking service comes with a small fee. Some forums do offer such service for free—but you would have to wait for the kind soul to respond to your request, and God knows how long they will take. If you rather go for something that can unlock your Huawei modem within seconds for free instead, check out the following three unlock code generators. Online Unlock Key Generator On this site, getting your modem’s unlock code is as simple as entering your modem’s IMEI, enter the CAPTCHA code and click on the “Calculator” button. Within seconds, it will return you with your modem’s unlock code and flash code. Supported Huawei modem models: E1550, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E176, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G Universal MasterCode As its name suggest, Universal MasterCode is capable of generating unlock codes for a wide range of device, which of course includes most of Huawei’s modem. E156 E155, E1550 E1552, E156G E160, E160G E161 E166, E169 E169G, E170, E172, E176 E1762 E180 E182E E196 E226 E270, E800,E870 E880 EG162 E880 EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G, E271, E272, E510 E612 E618 E630 ,E620 E630+ E660 E660a As you can see, the unlock code generated is the same as the one generated by the online unlock key generator above. There is no limit how many unlock codes you can generate, meaning as long as you have this generator on your computer, you can unlock as many modems as you wish. No installation is required. Just download and start the application. Download Universal MasterCode: MediaFire | RapidShare (243 KB) Huawei Unlocker Huawei Unlocker is another simple and straight forward free unlock code generator. Enter your modem’s IMEI, hit the “Unlock” button and consider yourself done. Again, no installation required. Download Huawei Unlocker: MediaFire | RapidShare (196 KB) Unlocking The Modem with The Unlock Code To make use of the unlock code, insert an unauthorized sim card to your Huawei modem. Unauthorized sim card meaning sim card from any operators other than the one the modem is currently locked to. When you do so, you would be prompt for the modem’s unlock code. Just enter the unlock code you have received earlier and voila, you can now use your Huawei USB modem with sim cards from any other operator. I have tested it on my E1762 and it worked perfectly. Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool If your modem doesn’t prompt for the unlock code even after you have inserted an unauthorized sim, you can use any of these two code writer tools: Download Huawei Modem Code Writer: MediaFire | RapidShare OR Download Huawei Code Tool: MediaFire | RapidShare P.s: SheepTech shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the following the guide above. Unlock at your own risk.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Avast Internet Security License Key (Till December 2012 before updating)

Avast Internet Security License Key 100% working. Just install and enjoy one of the best antivirus with new cool features AIS License Key (December 2012)

Free 4-day Microsoft Office Training 2012

Naija Software Cheats + Superheads International Limited (a people services company specializing in recruitment and selection, and immigration services) and Wizer Resource + Advisory Limited (a professional services company, specializing in financial advisory, training and outsourcing services) are organizing a series of free 4-day Microsoft Office courses in 2012. This series of courses is an integral part of our joint CSR initiatives towards addressing gaps in business skills among Nigerian youths. Details of the programme are as follows: COURSE CONTENT: Microsoft Excel Working with spreadsheets; functions and formulas; formatting (including conditional formatting), creating charts and databases. Participants will also learn helpful hints, tips and tricks about key board shortcuts, automating spreadsheets. Microsoft Word Creating professional documents, formatting, paragraph lay out, working with styles, setting page layout , inserting section breaks and printing, helpful key board shortcuts. Microsoft PowerPoint (including Presentation Skills) Inserting text; navigating; creating templates; duplicating, inserting and deleting slides; and modifying the Slide Master. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA A well documented one page CV (provide date of birth) Not more than 28 years Graduates from any discipline; minimum grade 2ndClass Upper/ Upper Credit Graduated within the last 3years Currently unemployed (NYSC members are eligible) Basic knowledge of computers Interested individuals should apply through; subject of mail should be MICROSOFT OFFICE TRAINING. Only shortlisted candidates would be contacted. Application closes this month. Subscribe NOW.... By entering your email

Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) 2012

Real money, real results, real experience! The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is an exciting opportunity for students to experience online marketing and creating online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords & Google+. As well, students and their professors can win great prizes. Over 50,000 students from almost 100 countries have participated in past years. With a US$250 budget provided by Google, students develop an online advertising strategy for a real business or non-profit organization that has not used AdWords in the last six months. The global winners and their professor receive a trip to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California to meet with the AdWords team. Regional winners and their professor receive a trip to a regional Google office. Click Here to Register


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Mobile Internet for Laptops 2.0Operating system: Windows 2000/XP

NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS offers a revolutionary Integrated Internet Connectivity software that will manage and automatically configure Internet access via UMTS, GSM, WiFi, Fixed Line and LAN networks. For added convenience, it also features a new SMS/MMS and Phone Management module as well as WebToGo's improved content optimization technology, which reduces the cost of surfing the Web and enables mobile document viewing over slow connections. Version 2.0 features SMS/MMS Manager, Phone Management, Dialer, Dial-Up, LAN, WI-Fi Connectivity, Document Conversion for fast viewing. CONTACT US TODAY +23430722911

Latest Free Browsing Cheat Codes And Internet Technology Blog – For Nigerians: Free Browsing Cheats For Pc And Laptops. PRIVOXY ON MTN

This is one of the latest free browsing cheat code and latest free browsing tweaks and tricks for privoxy for this month. This privoxy free browsing cheat is for pc and laptops only. This privoxy cheat works like mad and is as fast as lightening speed. These are the few steps to follow,and you’ll start browsing free on your pc and laptop with privoxy this month of November 2011. STEP 1. This first step is very important,please make sure that every program,underground connections are disable,and that any program that’ll attempt to use your internet connection through the task manager. STEP 2. This step two is important,here’s the real cheat to start browsing for free this month Of november 2011. set all your browser to IP ADDRESS localhost PORT 8118 STEP 3. Thirdly,connect your pc or laptop to the internet and start your privoxy please use in the match and in all action. STEP 4. Then open your browser, the best and most easiest is moxilla firefox. it will try loading for a long time. Be patience,wait for,at least 5mins. Don’t think it wouldn’t work,just be patience,just wait till it shows unusal privoxy error. when that error shows, just reload and it will start browsing again for free and start downloading with it too.this latest privoxy cheat works like mad and is as fast as jet, it is the latest free browsing for now on pc.


The Truth about TV on my computer We are online friends, gathered on various tech forums and blogs, from all around the world, who like to find ways to watch TV on laptop or PC and get premium TV services at very low prices. We don’t want to pay high monthly payments to the big cable and satellite dish companies for TV channels, movies, music or other entertainment. But, instead of sitting around complaining about it, we decided to do something about it, and hopefully, take others with us! In our opinion, Cable TV is classic rip off. First, how many TV channels do you really watch? Probably, including all varieties (sport channels, movies channels, music channels, news channels… ) you watch around 20 – 30 TV channels and pay a big monthly charge because level one doesn’t include all channels you want to watch. So, you have to pay an extra premium to get some TV channels that are missing. That’s the biggest rip off and we have been dealing with that for decades. Not to mention, that if you want to watch international channels (for example: Australian channels, U.K. channels, Canadian channels, Hindi channels and more) you have to add more charges to those extra charges you are already paying for. The scam is that they can included all those channels for free because it doesn’t cost them anything or it may cost them less than a penny for a package of channels. Bandwidth is also not an issue, because their lines can handle the extra channels. So, we are paying extra and extra charge for nothing special at all. W


Are you feeling tired with the high price of monthly fee for cable TV? In our opinion the best solution for you to watch all of your favorite channels, including premium movie channels, all of the best sports games live and hard to find international television shows – is through software solutions. You don’t need a satellite dish, cable box, or receiver to watch television on your computer. For less than half money of what you’re probably paying for one month of your current subscription service, you can watch whole bunch of international television channels, right from your PC. With no hardware to install, you can eliminate waiting around for a technician to set up your service and installation fees. Today, almost all your favorite TV shows are available online for FREE. You can watch live streaming full-length series on net. Also you can view all the latest TV shows episodes, sport and business news, movie reviews and the entire local buzz in your town. Online TV allows viewers to choose the show they want to watch from a full list of available shows. You'll be able to watch TV shows online, movies, documentaries, educational, sport, college sports, music, cartoons and kids programs, political, business and latest news from all over the world easily. Good software solutions can provide you live stream with great digital sound and high picture quality. To be in position to watch TV on laptop for free or with one single fee is a dream comes true for many. But the big question is how to watch TV online and what is the best way for that. Some websites let you watch live TV online for free. Some stream the TV programs so that you can watch it once you visit their site, while others require you to download and install an application or software in order to be able to enjoy the TV program on your computer. Many of them offer additional services that you can use, such as creating play lists that you can share, watching videos, social networking, listening to radio, and uploading your own music. It’s a great way to find new music at zero cost while surfing. In our opinion, PC satellite TV software that allows you to quickly receive thousands of programs from global networks is the best solution. Some of them are very good choice, some are not. In many cases, nice international entertainment channels list comes with the software. You can be assured that the picture and audio qualities are very good. Installation and search are easy and be 100% sure that watching television online is completely legal and legitimate. Streaming media are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider (the term “presented” is used in this blog in a general sense that includes audio or video playback). The name refers to the delivery method of the medium rather than to the medium itself. The distinction is usually applied to media that are distributed over telecommunication networks, as most other delivery systems are either inherently streaming (e.g., radio, television) or inherently non-streaming. "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."


If you want to watch TV on your notebook you have to admit that you may consider something new with 18.4" screen. In that category Toshiba Qosmio X505 is our recommendation. Toshiba Qosmio X505E has Blu-ray disc player and with 18.4 wide screen is your best choice for watching truly brilliant HD movies on the go, or on a home theater. An extra-large 18.4” HD TruBrite LCD display has very stunning visuals effects for whatever you’re viewing, with color, contrast and clarity you’ll have to see to believe. Its 16:9 aspect ratio offers the best results for watching HD movies or playing video games. Some models even come with full HD screens for 1080p video enjoyment, plus a rewritable Blu-ray disc player to relive your favorite multimedia, or do those all-important back-ups. Toshiba Qosmio X505 has the following specifications: Intel Core i7 720QM (1.6GHz, 6MB L2 Cache) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit 18.4-inch WUXGA glossy screen (1920x1080) 6GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM 64GB Toshiba SSD 500GB Hitachi HDD nVidia GTS 360M, 1GB VRAM Internal fixed Blu-Ray optical drive. Realtek 802.11n Wi-Fi, Atheros Gigabit Ethernet LED Backlit Keyboard 12-cell 8000mAh battery



How To Keep My Laptop Virus Free

Somewhere in your life you will be or have been attacked by a virus because viruses don’t leave anyone. Virus protection is the most important thing as it helps in the protection of your useful documents and on the other hand saves you from big tension. Since, laptops are more vulnerable to virus attacks, as compared to desktop systems, you must keeping yourself updated. So, it is important to know the useful tips. Here’s a list of DOs and DONTs that you must know: • Keep your firewall on whether you are surfing the internet or not. • Use an authorized antivirus that should be kept up to date regularly. • Make sure not to use a pirated copy of antivirus as it can contain harmful viruses. • You must update or install updated antispyware software as it is recommended for your computer safety. • If you do not have an antivirus installed in your laptop, then always try to avoid USB flash drives. And if you have a good Antivirus then always detect/scan the USB and delete the malware threats (if present). • Do not connect to wireless connections which come unknown or don’t have a name. • When surfing the internet don’t click funny images, audio or video that may look suspicious. • While opening E-mails with attachments make sure that the firewall is on and make a quick scan for it because attachments mostly contain viruses. • Be extra careful while using public internet connections. • If your laptop has Bluetooth feature, keep it off when not using. However, these were some tips for you to avoid viruses to enter the computer. Now, if a virus is present in your computer then how to detect it? Most of the times the following things occur due to hardware or software problems but sometimes it may be a virus: • Your computer may restart itself again and again. • Some of the applications may not work properly. • Different dialog boxes start to come out showing like a dialog box showing Error report. • Documents or any application which you may not have deleted gets disappeared itself. • Different exe. Files pop out. • A folder that is empty has an exe file in it and on deleting it gets deleted but whenever you open it again the exe file is still there. • Hard drives cannot be accessed and the computer doesn’t works as usual. But what takes to ensure that your computer is virus free? Here are some tips to eliminate a virus and get the best virus protection for a laptop or a computer. • Install an Antivirus and detect/scan the whole computer for viruses. • If a malware is detected delete/remove it. • If a virus is still present then update your Antivirus and make a complete scan again. • If the virus is still present and is making problems then the alternate solution is formatting the hard drive in which the virus is present. Now you know all about how to keep your laptop virus protected!

Best Software to Keep Your Laptop Virus Free

Over the past few years many internet bugs or most commonly said “Viruses” have spread throughout the world, and have troubled approximately everyone. Internet contributes most in the virus distribution, but is not the only mode of travel for them; instead viruses can spread through various other modes, i.e. hidden in audio or video files, some images and pirated copies of computer software etc. Laptops are more vulnerable to virus attack as compared to desktop systems as you may use your laptop from different locations using different internet connections where security is not good. Knowing that what is a virus and what are its spreading sources is not enough. You must be fully equipped to secure your laptop and the best companion for your security needs is good antivirus software. Having a perfect Antivirus can do a lot, but finding the right one may be a complex choice. In order to make antivirus choice easy for you, below is the comparison of some top antivirus software. • Avira: According to user reviews Avira holds the top position in the listings of best Antivirus. The Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus 10 holds the first rank. It has some excellent advantages but some drawbacks which makes it a bit oldie. It is great in malware detection and has excellent scan speeds. Things like refining for main interface and low in features make it a not so cool antivirus, but still it is the best in malware detection and blocking. • Avast: The software that holds the 2nd position according to user reviews is the Avast Free Antivirus 5. The Antivirus has the most easy installation process and has a greatly built interface. The best thing about the software is that, it has a very low impact on the system operations/performance. It is speedy in scans but gives medium malware detection. It doesn’t mean that it is not good in malware detection, but it’s not as best as Avira. Overall the Software has a good interface, great speeds, minimum memory usage and good malware detection, blocking and protection. • Comodo: Third in the ranking is “Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.0”. The software is great in blocking brand new malwares and gives a quick scan. As the name indicates the Antivirus gives great protection on Internet Surfing and other malware problems. The software has a medium average built interface. And advantageous feature that it has a fire-wall makes it attractive. But the software is not that cool and does not show any status or any progress bar. Still, it is a good protection source. There’re number of other antivirus software available, but the more you explore the more you get confused. Evaluate the above three, and you will certainly find them great choice. Since, it’s not necessary that something that’s good for hundreds of other people is good for you too; you can always try some other antivirus as well. You may find great software, but remember that trying an unknown or comparatively less popular antivirus is risky too!

Laptop Repair – Why Should You Choose A Service Center?

Laptops are generally expensive gadgets and need to be handled with care. Unlike desktop systems, these cannot be repaired by the individuals on their own. A careless mistake will result in losing out huge amount of money in case if it has altered the functionality of the components. Laptops are generally bought from the vendors and manufacturers who offer 1 year or 2 years warranty period. A free service will be available during this period. However, post the warranty period, it is highly recommended to sign up Annual Maintenance Contract with the service engineers. On the other hand, there are authorized service centers who can service the laptops at a fixed cost. The service centers will replace the flawed parts with original components. These services will be guaranteed for a limited period of time. Any further failure of the components will be fixed easily with these service centers. The service is completely reliable and the users need not be worried about fake components which might lead to a disaster. The service engineers will understand the way and behavior pattern of the users and will give great amount of attention to details. Every customer will be respected and their needs will be prioritized. It is possible to offer customized solutions to the customers. Personal gadgets like laptops should be given good amount of care by the technical experts. The service centers are opened up by the vendors to give the best of services at the earliest time frame available.

NEW Laptop Prices in Nigeria for HP Dell Acer Toshiba Lenovo etc

In this page, you will find prices of laptops in Nigeria. Prices of different Laptop brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, and so on will be listed. This is aimed at providing you with an idea of price when buying a laptop in Nigeria. Join us after the break for laptop prices in Nigeria. Need more info about Computers? Ask any question about Laptop & Desktop computers, tablets, and computer accessories at our Computer forum or share your insight and knowledge. Connect with us: +2347030722911 Like us on Facebook | follow us on Twitter | Join us on Google+ | Join our Tech Forum You may also be interested in PC Monitor Prices & Dealers, a Cheap Tablet PC, Hot Android Tablets, highlights of Microsoft Windows 8, a cheap tablet like the Amazon Kindle Fire, or an ultra-cheap tablet like the Akash Tablet from India. Prices of laptop computers depend largely on processing power, RAM capacity, hard disk capacity, Operating system, optical storage type, and display type and size. Features that can also add to the price of a laptop computer include Webcam, Bluetooth, WLAN (Wi-Fi), Touchscreen, Finger print reader, card reader, microphone, and so on. Great prices for Laptops, great deals for HP, Toshiba, Apple... Netbook deals, great prices for HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung Netbooks Prices of laptops listed here do not include the specs. Only the model number and prices are provided. However, it is important to note that laptops of the same models can vary in specs and as a result, prices may vary. The higher the spec the more the laptop is likely to cost. Prices are based on price list from different sources, ignoring specs. Price range is provided if we observe a model with different price from different sources, still ignoring the spec. Note that prices of laptops may also vary depending on your location in Nigeria. Prices are for brand new laptop computers only. Note that prices may change without being reflected on this page. Prices HP Laptops HP 6735S Laptop: 82,000 NGN – 85,000 NGN HP DV5-1133 Laptop: N104,000 – N115,000 HP DV4-1014NR Laptop: N125,000 HP Pavillion DV5-1150ei Laptop: N112,000 – N130,000 HP TX2630EA Laptop: 160,000 Naira HP DV5-1199ei Laptop: 156,000 Naira HP DV5-1153ei Laptop: 115,000 Naira – 120,000 Naira HP 550 Laptop: N83,000 – N87,000 HP Pavillion DV6930 Laptop: N107,000 HP G7064ea Laptop: – N85,000 HP 6730S Laptop: 93,000 Naira HP Pavillion DV5-1130ei Laptop: N120,000 – 130,000 HP 530 Laptop: 78,000 Naira HP Pavilion DV 6815 Laptop: N124,000 HP TX 2150ei Laptop: N160,000 HP Pavilion DV 2860 Laptop: 190,000 NGN HP Pavilion DV 9880ee Laptop: 240,000 NGN Buy HP laptop computer directly from HP Nigeria HP Pavilion dv5-1050ei Laptop: starting price: N160,000 HP Pavillion DV5-1150ei Laptop: price from N122,000 order ref: FZ503EA HP Pavillion DV5-1130ei Laptop: price from N120,000 HP Nigeria website: Great prices for Laptops, great deals for HP, Toshiba, Apple... Netbook deals, great prices for HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung Netbooks Also Checkout Netbook Shopping Guide and PC Shopping Guide. Prices Dell Laptops Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop: 108,000 Naira Dell A860 Laptop: N81,000 Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop: N107,000 Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop: N130,000 – N140,000 Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop: N165,000 Dell XPS M1330 Laptop: N165,000 - N175,000 Dell Latitude D630 Laptop: 175,000 Naira Prices Acer Laptops Acer Aspire 4710 Laptop: 80,000 NGN Acer Aspire 4920 Laptop: N113,900 Acer Aspire One Laptop: N86,900 Acer Extenser 4630t: 95,000 NGN Acer Extenser 5630: 105,000 Naira Acer Travel mate: 105,000 Naira Great prices for Laptops, great deals for HP, Toshiba, Apple... Netbook deals, great prices for HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung Netbooks Prices Toshiba Laptops Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop: 75,000 NGN – N85,000 Toshiba A300 Laptop: N90,000 – N100,000 Toshiba Smart TX2-1015ea Laptop: N178,000 Note that prices of laptops may change without being reflected on this page. More Computer & Gadget Prices Articles Cheap Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy Tab Top Tablet PCs Dell Laptop Prices & Dealers HP Laptop Prices & Dealers HP Prices & Specs from Slot Great prices for Laptops, great deals for HP, Toshiba, Apple... Netbook deals, great prices for HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung Netbooks Prices Used Cars - Tokunbo Prices of Honda generators Prices of Plasma, LCD, CRT flat screen Television TV Electric generator prices Air conditioner prices Tiger generator prices Prices of Elemax generators Prices of Nokia 1200 & Nokia 1208 Prices of solar panels Advertise on Nigeria Technology Guide Prices Price for Publishing your Contents, product reviews, Product & Service features in Nigeria from NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS


IT WORKS VERY WELL WITH MTN GLO AIRTEL ETISALAT First Download the latest version of YOUR-FREEDOM from After downloading, install it and configure it as stated below; Launch your yf,click on configure, SERVER ADDRESS: (Note. You can use any of this server--- 04,05,09,12,19,30,33,34,35) Port= 443 Connection mode= https Tweaks= Nigeria mtn or glo airtel etisalat Tick boxes>2,3,5,6,7,8 Minimum buffer=1500 Reconnection delay=5000 Initial post size=2000000 Minimum post size=1000000 FTP mode=both GOTO ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Type in the Username and Password that you have registered on the Freedom site. But if you don’t have a registered account with your-freedom yet, Just go to and register your account now. It’s free! Then click on save and exit Now click on PORT: Tick sock sock4/5 and web proxy... Click on MESSAGE: Mark Auto Scroll and select DEBUG You are good to go. But before you start your free internet browsing, One more step: Configure your browsers using the following settings: PROXY ADDRESS: PORT: 8080 Then mark Use Proxy For All Protocols Now ones you start the connection on freedom, you are going to be free to browse the internet free of charge. But the connection won’t be that fast because it’s a free version and you will have 6hrs access daily, if you want X5 the speed you will need a Basic Account and i can upgrade it for you all you need to do is to contact me. ______________________________________________________________ I HOPE YOURE ENJOYING THE YOUR-FREEDOM FREE BROWSING SOFTWARE WITH MTN BUT IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY IT WITH EXTRA X10 SPEED FOR 24/7 YOU WILL NEED TO UPGRAGE UR ACCOUNT TO **BASIC**. THAT IS WHAT I USE BECAUSE ITS JUST TOO FAST. I CAN DO THE UPGRADE FOR YOU FOR JUST SMALL AMOUNT AS PRICE CALL US NOW ON +2347030722911


You can now browse free of charge using your mozila firefox 3.0.19 modify_header with: MTN NIGERIA GLO NIGERIA AIRTEL NIGERIA ETISALAT NG STARCOMMS MULTI LINKS VISAFONE ....on ur laptop and desktop, very fast and reliable, if u need it just call me now on 07030722911, or email us: check our contacts. For customers far or near, Stop wasting your money for browsing, not when you can now browse free with zero kobo in your account balance.

How popular is your blog? CLICK NOW TO FIND OUT

Do know how popular your blog is? No I'm serious.....are people actually reading your blog or are you just writing for nothing (unless you just like to use your blog as a personal journal)? It's important to know about your blog traffic such as how many visitors come to your blog each day and what your most popular posts are. Besides just boosting your ego knowing that others are actually reading your content, it also provides you with some very important data. To get all this information is actually quite easy yet a very small percentage actually do this! All you need is Google Analytics which is a free powerful product. Want to know how to install Google Analytics on your blog? Read our post "How to setup Google Analytics on Blogger" and you'll be up- and-running before you know it! If you are a WordPress user (like myself), the instructions apply to you as well. Once you get to step #2, instead of copying the code, just copy the unique tracking id which starts with UA-. Then go get the free Ultimate Google Analytics plugin. All you need to do is activate it and paste in your unique tracking code. Easy yet so powerful. To Your Blogging Success NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS


MTN introduces 3.5G Mobile Broadband, MTN's high-speed mobile data service. MTN 3.5G Mobile Broadband service opens up a whole new dimension of fast and simple working and harnesses the advantages of mobility, taking internet access in Nigeria to a whole new level. It helps you stay connected at almost any time, and makes your business and personal information and entertainment as mobile as you are, when you're working within MTN's coverage areas. MTN introduces 3.5G Mobile Broadband, MTN’s high-speed mobile data service. MTN 3.5G Mobile Broadband service opens up a whole new dimension of fast and simple working and harnesses the advantages of mobility, taking internet access in Nigeria to a whole new level. It helps you stay connected at almost any time, and makes your business and personal information and entertainment as mobile as you are, when you're working within MTN’s coverage areas. With 3.5G Broadband MTN customers will benefit from download data speed up to 4-5 times faster than currently available, offering for the first time a mobile experience that can truly be described as broadband. Where 3G HSDPA coverage is not available, customers will be able to use MTN’s GPRS/EDGE network that already covers most of Nigeria! Benefits Our high speed 3.5G Mobile Broadband service: Is available to all our customers, as soon as you join the MTN network Is simple and easy to use. Gives you broadband speeds without the need for cables Lets you access the Internet from your home, office, car, the beach and everywhere you go within MTN’s 3.5G coverage. How Do I Get It? All new and existing customers’ MTN SIMs are automatically enabled to enjoy 3.5G Mobile Broadband. So you don’t need to do a SIM Swap! All you need to do is to decide which device you want to access the 3.5G data services on, and which data plan you would like to enjoy. Devices You can access the MTN 3.5G Mobile broadband service by using your MTN SIM with one of several types of devices of your choice: The MTN 3.5G Mobile Broadband (F@stlink E220) USB Modem. Which carries your MTN SIM, and slots into the USB port of your compatible desktop or laptop computer The MTN 3.5G Mobile Broadband (F@stlink E630) Data Card which slots into the PCMCIA (PC Card) slot of your laptop/notebook computer, OR Using a range of devices including 3G data cards, 3G USB modems, 3G broadband Router, OR You can use your 3G/HSPA compatible mobile phone as a modem, OR You can connect to the Internet by simply clicking on the browser icon on your 3G/HSPA compatible mobile phone. MTN 3.5G USB MODEM The easy-to-use MTN 3.5G USB modem (E220) is a small 3.5G HSDPA enabled portable device which inserts into the USB slot of most major desktops or laptop running compatible Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh. The MTN 3.5G USB Modem offers all MTN customers with desktops and laptops the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to access the Internet while on the move – at home, in the office, everywhere within MTN Data Services coverage. MTN 3.5G DATA CARD The MTN 3.5G Data Card (E630) is a 3.5G HSDPA enabled PCMCIA card type II that fits into compatible laptops and notebooks and acts as a modem to connect you to the Internet via MTN’s 3.5G network. INSTALLATION & USE So, simply insert your MTN SIM card into the MTN 3.5G USB Modem or Data Card, and connect it to your laptop or desktop, you can connect to the Internet anywhere you have MTN 3.5G coverage, at broadband speeds. MTN’s 3.5G (HSDPA technology) was built to deliver speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. For downloads when using the mode within 3.5G coverage, but expect to experience speeds between 400 Kbps and 800 Kbps with peaks of approximately 1.2Mbps. The speed you experience with the MTN 3.5G USB modem or MTN 3.5G Data Card can vary based on the number of current users on the network, the location and availability of the internet site you are trying to access, coverage, environmental conditions, and applications used. Whenever you are not in 3G coverage, the Data Card will move seamlessly onto our extensive GPRS network. Your MTN Branded USB Modem or Data Card are plug-and-play – easy to use, on compatible systems. Just put your SIM in the Modem or Data Card, plug in, and you’ll be up and running in no time following automatic setup. Specifically designed for Windows 2000 (SP2 and above), Windows XP, Windows ® Vista; Apple Macintosh OSX 10.4 or higher. (New versions of the MAC OSX may require you to perform a software driver upgrade ; Memory 128MB RAM recommended 50MB minimum of free hard disk space PC USB slot – for the MTN 3.5G USB Modem PCMCIA Type II slot – for the MTN 3.5G Data Card CD ROM disk drive (optional) MTN F@stlink User Interface The MTN F@stlink Manager contains a user-friendly Set-up Wizard and user interface that is already loaded your MTN Branded USB or Data Card device. The Set-Up wizard starts up automatically as soon as you plug your device into the appropriate slot of your compatible PC. Note: Do ensure that you insert a valid MTN SIM, with credit, into the Modem or Data Card before installing the Modem or Data Card. MTN F@stlink User Interface allows you to: Access the Internet via a web browser Access, send and receive emails Send and receive SMS messages (charged at standard SMS rates) Monitor your data usage via the "usage counter" Load Airtime and Check Balance (Prepaid SIM) How Do I Get Started? You can purch

Configure Mobile Phones Internet: MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat

Configure and activate internet on mobile phones: MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat Nigeria To enjoy internet services on your mobile phone, it is quite essential for you to configure your mobile phone with the internet settings of the mobile network you wish to be surfing with. Before you can browse the internet, your phone, must at least be WAP ENABLED. If you check through the MENU of your phone and you see a WEB or WAP browser, then you should be able to surf the internet with it. You can configure your mobile phone by texting SMS command to a special number provided by the operator you want to use in connecting to the internet. If your phone can be configured automatically, within a few minutes of sending the text message, you will receive messages from the operator which will contain the internet settings. All you just have to do is to SAVE the settings. If your phone cannot be automatically configured, the operator will notify you through a text message. In this case, you will have to configure your phone manually. If you cannot configure it manually, you can either call the customer care of your operator or you visit the nearby office of the operator and it will be done for you. The different ways to activate and manually configure your mobile phone to surf the internet using MTN, NIGERIA, ZAIN, GLOBACOM and ETISALAT NIGERIA are highlighted below. Activating Globacom Nigeria Mobile Internet Automatic Settings To receive your Glo 3G internet settings, Text ACTIVATE to 444 using a 3G mobile phone. Glo Manual 3G/3.5G Internet Settings Service name: Glo 3G IP Address: Port: 3130 Username: wap or secure Password: wap or secure Access point name (APN): glosecure Home page: http:// To automatically receive Glo WAP settings, SMS your phone name and model to 927. For example, to activate Nokia 3230, text Nokia 3230 to 927. Glo Manual GPRS Internet Settings Service name: Glowap IP Address: Port: 3130 Username: wap Password: wap Access point name (APN): glowap Home page: http:// Activating MTN Mobile Internet To automatically receive your 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings, text SETTINGS to 3888 MTN manual 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings for WAP Account name: MTN GPRS IP Address: Port: 9201 Username: web Password: web Access point name (APN): MTN manual 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings for FULL INTERNET Account name: MTN GPRS IP Address: Port: 8080 Username: web Password: web Access point name (APN): Activating Airtel (Zain) Mobile Internet To automatically receive your Zain GPRS settings, text Internet [space] [phone make] [space] [model number] to 232. For example, to activate Nokia 3230, text Internet Nokia 2360 to 232. You can also activate your ZAIN/AIRTEL Internet at http:// Moreso, you can just call the Customer care and the settings will be pushed to your phone. While Saving the settings for Zain, you might be prompted to enter a password, the default is four zeros (0000). ETISALAT Manual Setting for WAP Account name: ETISALAT WAP IP Address: Port: 8080 Username: nil Password: nil Access point name (APN): etisalat homepage : http:// If you have not been surfing the internet with your WAP-enabled p phone, then you have been missing a lot. Configure your phone now and give it a try. With mobile internet, you can always check/send emails; update your facebook and twitter etc while on the GO. If you are already enjoying any or all of these services, then make a comment below expressing how you feel about them. Additionally, you will enjoy the mobile version of using your phone default browser or others like Opera Mini, Bolt, UC Browser etc.Configure and activate internet on mobile phones: MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat Nigeria To enjoy internet services on your mobile phone, it is quite essential for you to configure your mobile phone with the internet settings of the mobile network you wish to be surfing with. Before you can browse the internet, your phone, must at least be WAP ENABLED. If you check through the MENU of your phone and you see a WEB or WAP browser, then you should be able to surf the internet with it. You can configure your mobile phone by texting SMS command to a special number provided by the operator you want to use in connecting to the internet. If your phone can be configured automatically, within a few minutes of sending the text message, you will receive messages from the operator which will contain the internet settings. All you just have to do is to SAVE the settings. If your phone cannot be automatically configured, the operator will notify you through a text message. In this case, you will have to configure your phone manually. If you cannot configure it manually, you can either call the customer care of your operator or you visit the nearby office of the operator and it will be done for you. The different ways to activate and manually configure your mobile phone to surf the internet using MTN, NIGERIA, ZAIN, GLOBACOM and ETISALAT NIGERIA are highlighted below. Activating Globacom Nigeria Mobile Internet Automatic Settings To receive your Glo 3G internet settings, Text ACTIVATE to 444 using a 3G mobile phone. Glo Manual 3G/3.5G Internet Settings Service name: Glo 3G IP Address: Port: 3130 Username: wap Password: wap Access point name (APN): glo3gvideo Home page: http:// To automatically receive Glo WAP settings, SMS your phone name and model to 927. For example, to activate Nokia 3230, text Nokia 3230 to 927. Glo Manual GPRS Internet Settings Service name: Glowap IP Address: Port: 3130 Username: wap Password: wap Access point name (APN): glowap Home page: http:// Activating MTN Mobile Internet To automatically receive your 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings, text SETTINGS to 3888 MTN manual 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings for WAP Account name: MTN GPRS IP Address: Port: 9201 Username: web Password: web Access point name (APN): MTN manual 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings for FULL INTERNET Account name: MTN GPRS IP Address: Port: 8080 Username: web Password: web Access point name (APN): Activating Airtel (Zain) Mobile Internet To automatically receive your Zain GPRS settings, text Internet [space] [phone make] [space] [model number] to 232. For example, to activate Nokia 3230, text Internet Nokia 2360 to 232. You can also activate your ZAIN Internet at http:// Moreso, you can just call the Customer care and the settings will be pushed to your phone. While Saving the settings for Zain, you might be prompted to enter a password, the default is four zeros (0000). ETISALAT Manual Setting for WAP Account name: ETISALAT WAP IP Address: Port: 8080 Username: nil Password: nil Access point name (APN): etisalat homepage : http:// If you have not been surfing the internet with your WAP-enabled phone, then you have been missing a lot. Configure your phone now and give it a try. With mobile internet, you can always check/send emails; update your facebook and twitter etc while on the GO. If you are already enjoying any or all of these services, then make a comment below expressing how you feel about them. Additionally, you will enjoy the mobile version of using your phone default browser or others like Opera Mini, Bolt, UC Browser etc.

Where To Download .CAB Files For Windows MobilePhones

When browsing through a windows mobile phone precisely an htc ozone verizone phone, i realise files and applications that works on the phone only use .cab extentions i.e for instance Files with .jar which is for java phones doesn't work with it neither does .sis or .sisx works. If you would love to download application files and games to your windows mobile phone then download files with the .cab extention and sometimes getting such files could be difficult but this article will help. Download .cab files from sharemobile Yes, so far so good that is where i have been able to have a good resource for cab files, all you need do is visit then visit the search page and input .cab in the search box and search. You will be shown lots of files and applications with the .cab extentions, just select what you want and then download. Hope this helps? Please consider sharing this post using the share options.

My Experience With The HTC Verizon Ozone MobilePhone

For some days now i have been entitled to operating an htc mobile device, HTC Verizon Ozone to be precized and the experience has been quite fun and at sametime terrible simply because it's got some amazing features and at sametime some useful features aren't just working fine. Here's is a picture of the exact htc phone model i used: Looks more or less like a blackberry right? Hey! It doesn't ping ummmm Now, to be candid i kinda like the phone talking from the handling perspective, when operating the device i have to use my two hands as if am playing a playstation game using the keypad or simply operating an IPAD, tho am kinda used to operating cell phones with both hands even on my small java nokia (yeah i just downgraded myself but at sametime i enjoy saying and writting the truth). I just want to share with you my experience using the HTC Verizon Mobile Device. The first time i held the phone i felt like gosh! This device is amazingly cracy but then there's more to it. Here are some of the features i loved on the device 1. Internet Explorer: This device has got the internet explorer browser in it and this is mostly used on pc tho the operating functions are very much different. 2. Task Manager: Just like pc's got task manager so also does the Ozone Device. The task manager lists all running application and always to end them right from the task manager window. 3. Wifi Connection Enabled: Just like most android phones, nokia s60 and other smartphones, the HTC verizone Ozone phone also supports wi-fi wireless connection. 4. Windows Media Player: Just like computers, this HTC Model's got windows media player used for playing musics, videos and sorts 5. Online Streaming: The phone allows you stream online videos and watch online tv but depending on your network speed. 7. Much More.... The HTC Ozone has other amazing applications that are too much for me to mention. My Major Problem With The Device At first, it was almost impossible to configure the browser to using GLO Network but it works absolutely well using Airtel, that was when i even realised that the internet explorer browser allows you switch views between desktop and mobile isn't that awesome? But the browser doesn't open all page. Yes after successfully configure the phone to the internet using glo i realized it doesn't open all pages, i wanted to download more applications, operamini and boltbrower but it was just not working out tho maybe its the network am not that certain if its same on other networks. Do you use an HTC Verizone Ozone Phone? Lets hear what your experience is or was like using the comment form. Sharing this post with your friends doesn't take up to 30 seconds, kindly share using the share options below. Cheers!

How to Configure MTN GPRS on Phones

MTN is a telecom service provider based in Nigeria. To access Internet on your MTN cell phone, you need valid GPRS settings. You can download and configure these settings to your phone either manually or automatically. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions 1. Receive GPRS settings on your phone automatically. Create a new text message on your cell phone. Enter "SETTINGS" in the body of the message and send the message to "3888." Wait for the carrier to push-install GPRS instructions specific to your handset. You will receive a confirmatory SMS that will prompt you to "Save" the settings on your phone. 2. Enter GPRS settings on your phone manually. Some cell phones do not accept automatic GPRS settings and need to be configured manually. Click the "Menu" button and go to the "Settings" or "Tools" submenu. The specific settings vary from phone to phone. Open "Phone settings" and select "Data settings." 3. Enter the following GPRS settings into the respective fields: Account Name: "MTN GPRS" IP Address: "" Port: "8080" for HTML or "9201" for WAP Username: "web" Password: "web" Access Point Name (APN): "" Domain: "" Tips & Warnings References MTN Online: Phone Settings


Go to start then to settings and choose connections then select connections again> add new connection under tasks enter name of connection(call it what u like) under select a modem, drop down and choose cellular line (gprs) > next under access point name 1. if u ar provisioned for wap. type (if u were provisioned b4 the name change) or (if after) 2. if u ar provisioned for internet, type (or .zain).com > next username wap (or intenet) password wap (or internet) >advanced select use specific IP address and type if provisioned for wap> finish u will be taken to the modem tab. choose proxy settings> select this network connects to the internet and this network uses a proxy then put (for wap) then to advance> double click wap and input as server and allow 9201 as port or use 8080 all the same that should get u running note that if u are prepaid, u are likely to have been given wap access. if u are postpaid then u will have full internet access. Hope this helps NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS

MTN Nigeria GPRS Settings for your mobile phone

It's easy now to configure you phone if it allows it with the settings for GPRS using an MTN sim card. The main settings are as follows Just go to Services or the web browser settings on your phone and edit Home page = Access Point Name APN = USERNAME = web PASSWORD = web Account/Settings Name = MTN GPRS or any other name IP Address = Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML) NAIJA SOFTWARE CHEATS
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