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I would like to thank you for purchasing this eBook. I’ve put in quite a bit of effort in writing it, and I hope it can be of some use to you.As a BulkSMS Website owner, you will be able to help businesses, companies, corporate organizations, churches, schools etc reach out out to their customers or loved ones using BulkSMS services.

With BulkSMS, thousands of messages can be sent at ONCE with you choosing any DESIRED NAME which you wish to display on the receiver’s phone as the SENDER’S NAME (name of the company, church, school, business etc).They even have equal opportunity to do it themselves by registering on
your site.

Alright let’s start!!

Setting up a bulk sms service is not that hard as people think.It can be achieved in two

1.Building a bulk-sms website from the scratch and integrate sms components and other
stuffs that will make it work into it. This require a lot of hard work,programming and
webdesign skills are needed to achieve it.You can rather give the job out for a web developer
to do it for you…of course you must know;
2. The second is to design a reseller sms website. This requires not much skill from you at
all…No programming Knowledge!! No webdesign knowledge!!If you can browse the internet,if
you can create a new email or facebook account,then you can do this. And you should know
by now that this is the main objective of this guide.
Being a reseller is not much different from the former one as it is almost the same features
that the two will contain.Take for instant,do you know that the largest percentage of
webhosting providers in Nigeria are resellers? You wonder why? And yet…they are making
their money.The same thing also with bulksms websites,so many resellers you buy sms form
and you may never know that they are a reseller until someone tells you.
It is the best to own your sms portal yourself,but it is on the very high side when you are
talking about the start-up capital,but if you wait for that,then you will be missing a lot as
people are waiting with their cash to buy sms and the best part of this is that…you Set your
own price!!
Now let’s get started!!
The first thing you are going to do is to register an account with the website at
SMSLIVE247 is one of the leading and cheapest bulksms service provider in Nigeria and they
even have so many other mobile services like sms shortcodes,robocalls and so many other
mobile related service.
As a reseller,you are entitled to free and unlimited hosting of your SMS Website as long as
you want to remain in their service.
Let’s continue…..log on to ………this is their homepage below;

Most of all these features you see on their website homepage will also be on your homepage
and you even have the opportunity to customize the colour,pictures,logos and prices to your
own taste.I am going to take you through all these processes are what we will be going
through from setting up your portal to customizing it to your own taste.Let’s continue
After landing on their homepage of ,if you have an account with them
you can login..but if you don’t,just click on the button SIGN UP NOW! above and fill the
required information to register…see it below;

After you are through with all the registration processes,then login to your account.

After login in to your account,click on the RESELLER menu above to register a reseller
account with them.

Just enter the name you want to use for your sms portal as you can see that the store that
was created below is QUICKSMS…you can type something like “PRETTYSMS” there
Type the name you want to use for your website and click on Create store to create an sms
Now before you create a new store,which is your reseller account,you must have a minimum
of 1000 sms unit in your SMSLIVE247 account which will be deducted from your smslive247
account. This is the only thing they request from you as a fee to be a reseller under their
reliable service…..isn’t that a good deal?
AN SMS PORTAL WEBSITE + FREE HOSTING just for 1000 sms units!!
The name of the store you create should be the name of your website,as you can see above
that uses QUICKSMS as their store name… if your store name is
for example PRETTYSMS then you must know that your domain name will be something like of which ever way you want to use. But I will advise you to use a .com
domain because people tend to remember .com easily and even faster than the others.

It is advisable to use a unique domain name,but if you still want to continue without using
the domain name,you will be given a link to your website which you can still use until you
register your own domain name.
To register for your domain name,I will recommend you register with
for your domain registration,their service is cheap and reliable.They have a very good
customer support.if you will like to wave all the worries of registration a domain name,lean
on my shoulder…..I can help you in registering a domain name just for a fee of N3,
contact details is at the buttom of this guide…..
On the other hand,make sure you do your findings very well about any where you want to
register a domain name.
Note that you are only going to pay for the domain name registration not pay
for hosting!!
as sms4live will provide the hosting for your site FREE as long as you are still using their
So let’s continue!
So if you have up to 1000 sms units with them,you ca n continue….but if you don’t,you can
see their bank details above,check their prices and pay to get sms units from them…don’t
worry!! I would definitely wait for you here!!
I will strongly you have a minimum of 2000 sms in your account so that you will have at
least 1000 sms unit to kick-start your sms business. But if you can get up to 1000…you are
still good to go.
So are you back? Let’s continue!
After creating the new store…a new page will come up now for you to enter the full details of
your SMS PORTAL…see it below!

As you can see…you are asked to “link” your domain name,if you don’t have now….you can
leave it and continue the rest,but if you have,just enter your domain name into that box
provided and click “link now”…..

This is where you take time to fill all the necessary details of your website because most of
the details you filled will reflect on the pages of your website.
Fill everything there and click on the “Save” button below the page…
After creating your store,you will be given a temporary link to your sms portal in which you
can use temporarily to access your website
You will have a link like this;
For your own conviniency,I advice you to shorten the url
Just copy the link and go to and paste it into the provided box so that it will
shorten it to something like
note that is now the same thing as your sms portal link…why are we doing this?
Because it is very easy for one to remember the name “” while it’s not
easy to remember that very long link that was provided for you…that is why you need to
shorten it with
That is why it is advisable to have your own unique domain name that you will just attach to
your sms portal…when people visit our domain e.g….the will land in your sms
So how can you now link your registered domain name to your sms portal? We will be talking about that in the next segment.
Now let’s move on............. CONTINUE READING FROM THE NEXT POST


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